Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Buying Used Office Furniture Better for New Small Businesses

By Chris Martin

Opening a new small business can take a lot of up-front capital. First, you have to buy or lease the space for your business. Then there's the marketing and advertising, as well as the wages you have to pay your employees. When you've spent almost all of your budget on these startup costs, it hits you: you still need office furniture!

Because customers generally don't like empty businesses.

But then your heart sinks when you start seeing the price tags on new desks, chairs, counters, and filing cabinets. After you purchase new office furniture, how are you going to be able to afford to open up your business?

Here's a solution: Why not just get used office furniture for your small business?

If you opt for used office furniture, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you would spend if you bought the pieces new. That's because the markup on new office furniture is so drastic. If you were to visit a used office furniture showroom, you could literally save 65% or more by purchasing a name-brand piece that looks almost as good as new! And if you're buying several chairs, a few desks, and one or two filing cabinets or counters, the savings will multiply accordingly.

Think of it as buying a used car - only easier.

Why? Because there are many used cars that look great on the outside, but have mechanical problems that may be less apparent to the casual observer. With office furniture, there are no moving parts that can break - so if it looks good, it will "perform" just as well as new office furniture will. And if there are any physical blemishes like scratches or tears, they are often on parts of the furniture that are not visible (like the underside of a desk, for instance). Even if they appear on one side, many times you can position it so that the blemish faces the wall (like on an end table).

Here's something else - the used office furniture you buy may even be better than what you can purchase new!

You've seen old desks and chairs that are heavier and sturdier than their modern counterparts. That's because much of the office furniture built a few decades ago were constructed with solid wood and heavy-duty steel - unlike today's pieces, which are more lightweight and made with veneers. In other words, they were built to last. They won't fall apart when you try to move them across a room.

This is what happens when you accidentally bump into a table made with cheap materials.

Plus, when you visit a used office furniture showroom, you can pick out the actual piece you want instead of selecting a "model" and having it delivered some days (or weeks) later. And you won't have to assemble anything; the furniture will be ready for use as soon as it enters your business. There are no mixups, misunderstandings, or surprises!

So before you shell out too much money for new office furniture, check out what used office furniture is available in your area. You'll be surprised at the quality - and overjoyed at the price!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A List of Office Furniture Must-Have’s!

Having your own office can benefit you and your business in many ways. It is more organized and it is more professional to entertain clients in an office rather than in a spare room in your house or business area. The first thing that you need to do is to furnish the area. Picking the right office furniture is essential in order for you to have a complete and wonderful office experience. Here is a list of office furniture that you will need.

Filing and Storage

At first you think your office desk drawers are enough space until the time comes that the number of clients you have grow uncontrollably and you end up with paper all over the office. Be ready for that day and purchase something for filing and storage now. Opt to go for pedestals that you can easily move around. This pedestal will go beside your desk. If there are more files that you are expecting to arrange, then purchase a shelving range as well which you can place in a wall near your desk.

Office Tables

There are many kinds of tables to choose from. Before you can choose, write down a list of things that you know you will be placing in that desk. Will you be using that desk for transactions for clients and with your computer work? If so, then make sure that the office table is spacious so that you could fit your monitor or laptop and still be able to talk to your clients without distraction.

Executive Chair

When you pick out your office table, pick out your chair as well. You will need to feel comfortable with the chair. Most of all, it should be the perfect pair for your office table. It should promote proper posture and it should be comfortable at the same time. There are many designs to choose from so choose wisely.

Furniture for the Waiting Clients

The chairs and tables for your clients should be something comfortable as well. They will be waiting patiently for your turn so the least that you could do is embellish your waiting area as well. Make sure you follow the theme of the company logo for the whole place to look more uniform. Provide many chairs if you have the type of business that has multiple clients daily. Add in there a form of recreation as well such as books, catalogues, magazines or even a television. This way, clients don't get bored waiting.

Visual Boards

Updating each and every one, including you is important. Running a business is a daunting task. Sometimes you think everything is under control until you realize that you missed out on something very important. Buy a visual board that you and the people in your company can view from time to time to see the upcoming activities of the company. It is advisable that you place a calendar of activities as well.

Office Furniture

Buying office furniture is a big investment but a very good one for that matter. The best way you can look for the best office furniture is to check online. For example, Capital Commercial Furniture has their own website complete with a catalogue of the office furniture you may want to order online. It is shopping in the comfort of your own home. Convenient, right?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Considerations for Choosing Office Furniture

Whether you are interested in refurbishing, re-furnishing, or re-locating, your key priority should be how best to use your available office space. It is necessary that available floor space can accommodate future growth for some issues such as increased staff strength, training rooms, meeting rooms, and storage areas.

A reputable supplier of office furniture New Zealand can provide design and space planning service, and best time for you to look at this issue is when you are searching for various options, such as using your existing or new space. These companies take a brief from you about your requirements such as teams, staff numbers and how these teams will be situated for smoothing functioning of office.

They will be able to apportion different areas of your office for meeting rooms, cellular offices, reception, kitchen, storage areas and canteen. While planning office furniture New Zealand set up, they will also allow for some walkway distance to meet health, fire and safety regulations.

Choosing your office furniture supplier
The selection of office furniture supplier will depend upon scope of your project. If you are interested in re-furnishing your office area or want to relocate without any need for changes to the internal wall layout, you can opt for furniture dealership.
If you want to re design and refurbish the internal office space, you should choose a company that can provide furniture and the Fit out. This way you get complete ownership of the project and save significant money on your project. Working with an experienced supplier will ensure successful completion of the project. Most of the products come with 5-10 years guarantee so you would want your supplier to back up that guarantee.
Your office layout will determine the kind of desks you can use. With the introduction of bench desking now pods of desks can be linked to one framework, which reduces the number of legs required as compared to the traditional desks. Usually bench desking goes up to ten people. Most of the modern desks have ability to carry wires from one desk to another from the perimeter wall.

This is the most important issues to be considered when searching for office furniture New Zealand because it directly affects the working of your staff. In fact, office seating has come a long way in past few years, and now you can get ergonomic furniture that not only looks good but is best for the health and well being of employees. As ever individual has different weight, height, and overall body size, so modern chairs that you are considering should have maximum adjustability to include back height adjustment, seat height adjustment, and back rake adjustment. Aside from this, many chairs come with sliding seat adjustment, arm width adjustment, arm height adjustment and tension adjustment.
Filing and storage
Filing and storage is required in every office. Traditionally, a four drawer filing cabinet has been used in offices, but these days you have option of high cupboards that can easily accommodate lateral files (access from front, and suspension files (used in filing cabinets) and shelves.
The best thing about cupboards is that they take same amount of space as traditional filing cabinets but due to their height you can easily accommodate two or even three times more files so this can make big difference to the availability of floor space. Office furniture New Zealand suppliers can not only help you in choosing best furniture for your office, but can also provide you the same at competitive rates to enable you to make most out of your available office space.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Choose The Right Furniture For Your Business.

Often the importance and influence of good office furniture is underestimated and not thoroughly considered. Furniture affects your business more than you think and it should be considered as an investment.

Whether you are setting up an office or just refurbishing one, you must plan it carefully considering the impact on your colleagues, your clients and your business.  First of all you need to organise your workspace defining the spaces: meeting rooms, break room, entrance and then make a list of the things you need such as number of desks, chairs and so on, considering the number of people working and also the additional space you may need in the future. Then you want to think about what type of furniture will suit your business and the new workspace best.

Think about the reasons why you are refurbishing your office: was the old furniture uncomfortable? Did the design not suite your company? Did the office look tired and unattractive? Ask yourself these questions and also ask your colleagues, they may highlight points you hadn’t even thought about.

Every piece of furniture you buy needs to benefit your workspace, whether is a chair, a desk or a cabinet; your employees will often be working for eight hours a day, so chairs and desks have to be ergonomic and comfortable, preventing injuries or strains. Make sure you have enough space for storage, you don’t want to end up having boxes around the office or spend hours looking for documents.

Once you have a rough idea of what you need, start thinking about the style. When choosing the style try to match it with the business you are in: a law firm for example is lightly to prefer a very different type of furniture to a media company.  Don’t be tempted to buy budget furniture, it is likely to give off the wrong impression and may require replacing in just a few years.  Make sure the furniture used throughout the office is consistent to ensure the office is smart, professional and uniform.

Investing time and money on furniture has a number of benefits; an attractive and pleasant workplace will make your workforce happier and more motivated. Employees are more likely to have a positive attitude, and be more satisfied with their working environment which will undoubtedly contribute to their work and their productivity.   Also bear in mind the effect that good office furniture may have on your visiting clients; your office reflects your business and a well-organized, attractive and stylish office will reflect more positively on your clients than a chaotic, messy and tired one.

Written by Oscar, a guest author who writes on behalf of - a London based office refurbishment company.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Helpful Tips in Buying School Lockers for Sale

School lockers have been widely used not just in schools but also in gyms and dance studios. Some corporate offices also install lockers for the personal belongings of their employees. It is the most ideal item for secure storage of personal effects. There are lots of school lockers for sale which will attract your attention because of low prices and good package deals. Before being deceived by these offers, here are some helpful tips that you ought to know.

Package Deals

Many school locker suppliers offer good package deals. Do not be surprised if you are being offered by free delivery and installation of school lockers when you buy a minimum number of items. In fact, these services are commonly included in supplier's deal. What you should ask is the actual discount on the items that you will purchase. Capital Commercial Furniture, a trusted school locker supplier, can offer you a great deal on this. They give their customers package deals that will fit the budget and at the same time, will fit the need for the school locker units.

Quality versus Price

You can always ask for lower price for the items you will buy in bulk like school lockers. You can search the Internet first before going to furniture shops or school locker suppliers. In that way, you will have an idea on the average price of the school lockers for sale in the market. You will also be able to allocate enough budget for the maximum quantity that you need to purchase. Do some canvassing among different school locker suppliers. You can negotiate with them the package deal that you prefer. However, do not always favor the lowest bidder. If you can see the sample items of their school lockers, it would be better so that you can do quality inspection. Do not compromise the quality over price. Prefer the supplier with the right price and the best package deal.

Use and Sizes

School lockers for sale have different sizes and can be customized for different uses. If you will use the school locker solely for student's use, you can have the most basic style or unit of school lockers. However, if the locker is intended for gyms, you have to look for bigger units of school lockers for sale since gym goers are mostly carrying sporty bags and equipment. You can ask the suppliers for the most recommended locker type based on its use.

Trusted Supplier

Between the time of your transaction and the delivery, there are lots of possible things that can happen. There could be insufficient stock to supply all the items that you need. There could be delay in delivery and installation. To avoid these hassles, transact only with the trusted supplier in your area, like the Capital Commercial Furniture. Read some reviews and feedback from different customers so that you will have an idea how these suppliers do their business deals. Choose the supplier which have good track record of dealing with customers. Secure a contract or a confirmed letter stating what you have been agreed with the supplier in terms of price, date of deliver, and other things included in the deal.
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